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Creation of Health Care in Canada

The Creation of Health CareEdit


The British North American Act was passed in 1867 causing health care to be split between the provinicial goverments and federal goverments. Provinces were in charge of hospitals, asylums, charities and charitable insitution. The Federal  goverment was in charge of marine hospitals and quarantine. Criteria for the Canadian Health Act include Public Administration, Comprehensiveness, Universality, Portability, and Accessibility. Tommy Douglas worked towards free health care for his province and all others; this made all doctors no matter where you live get paid equally and efficiently. Saskatchewan initiates provinicial Universal public hospital insurance plan on Janurary 1st, 1968. All provinces and territories are in agreement with the Canada Health Act by april 1, 1988. In result, all of Canada has free Health Care and has been provided.

Why did the Creation of Health Care happen?

The Creation of Health Care happened because many of the population were getting seeverally ill and had a big drop in the population.  

The importance of health care.

After all, the main objective of public health is to have a healthier population. This is to help make a sustainable health care system, and also provides economic and social benefits for  the province, including increased productivity. Intresting Facts

The Saskatchewan, goverment led by leader Tommy Douglas, introduces the first provincial hospital insurance program in Canada in 1947.

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